Shotwell – Patriot

2 06 2008

Shotwell – Patriot
2008 – ???

I love this album. I’m sick and don’t feel like writing a lot today, but I chose this album because of a comment I got today (you can check it out in the “About the ‘Author'” section) that said it was nice to see a musician writing about music. I tend to forget that not everyone who listens to music also plays music. It’s like when I forget that not everyone in the world is vegan.

The guys in Shotwell are not amazing technical musicians. They don’t shred their guitars or (most likely) spend hours a day practising their instruments. They clearly have other things to do and don’t have the luxury of being able to be musicians “full time,” and I think that works in their favour. Listening to really technically-challenging crazy music is cool sometimes, but if all that flash isn’t backed up by something more, some kind of ethos or heart or soul or something, then it’s just really gawking at some kind of freakish physical talent, like being able to bend their elbows backward or something.

What I mean to say is that it doesn’t take fancy guitars or hours and hours working on your riffs to write good songs with some kind of weight to them. There’s nothing revolutionary (musically-speaking) about this album, but what is in there puts a smile on my face and gives me hope in a world of Fallout Boys and City and Colours and more false punk and metal than I care to imagine.

Oh, and for anyone who likes Shotwell but hates Propagandhi, listen to track 7 at around 1:00. Total Prop riff – like it MUST be a nod to Less Talk More Rock.

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