Dan Sartain – Join Dan Sartain

7 06 2008

Dan SartainJoin Dan Sartain
2006 – Swami Records

The write-up on Dan Sartain on the Swami website says he’s “more talented than a thousand talented dudes.” A thousand? Fuck that. Try ten thousand or a hundred thousand. Dan Sartain, from what I can tell, plays all the instruments on this album himself, which means that however much I might normally like this album, I now like it more if for nothing other than the appreciation I have for sheer gumption, especially when well-aimed. JDS sure does make me wish I knew how to put on eyeliner and do my hair so I could make myself pretty just to listen to Mr. Sartain. This isn’t dirty rock ‘n roll; it’s showered and just a little bit dressed up with a bit of Brylcreem and a nice but slightly worn pair of shoes. Oh, and it’s not really rock ‘n roll at all. It’s not quite rockabilly either. It’s someplace in between but with just a hint of that chugging Johnny Cash guitar driving the whole thing. Listening to this album makes me wish I was sitting at an elegant typewriter with a western-style lamp instead of in my underpants in bed drinking wine with smudged drugstore mascara. Oh well. I guess we can’t all be Dan Sartain.

Photo Credit to David Wala

You know how some people evoke a certain mood just by being in the room or in the scene of a movie or sometimes even just with their voice? The best example I can think of is that cowboy guy in The Big Lebowski. That guy’s name is actually Sam Elliot (though in the movie, his character is known only as “The Stranger”), and it seems like he always plays kind of the same role: the cowboy guy with the heart of gold and the twinkle in his eye. Anyway, it seems, upon listening to Join Dan Sartain, that if he were an actor, Mr. Sartain would probably be typecast in the same kind of way, though instead of the weathered-looking cowboy, Sartain would be the functioning slightly-alcoholic male lead with good plain fashion sense and an appreciation for a particular kind of whiskey-addled decorum. This is mood music, sure, but it’s not just mood music.

What I mean is that when I listen to this album, I can close my eyes and imagine my life has a bit more class than it actually does.

I have a crush on Dan Sartain.

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