About the “Author”

Jordan is 27 and, surprisingly, the holder of a music degree (Bachelor of Music, Performance, French Horn). She’s started this blog 1) to kill time; and 2) to try and improve her music writing. The point of this whole thing is to listen to one complete album every day and write something about it. She’s going to mostly listen to stuff she hasn’t heard (or hasn’t heard all the way through, anyway) before, but she may throw some old chestnuts in the mix too. We’ll see. If you really hate what she says about anything here, well, too bad. Start your own dumb blog.

Also, a note about the music: You’ll notice that I’ve provided the links to the record labels the albums I’ve written about have come out on. If you are intrigued by what you read here about any particular album, please consider 1) ordering it from the record label, or 2) picking it up at your local independent record store. Both of these are good ways to find out about and get into new bands, which is good for you, little darlings.

Another also: the pictures are ones I’ve found by searching Flickr for photos that are under a creative commons licence. I’ve tried to credit the photographers where their names were discoverable, but if you come across a photo that seems uncredited, it’s because I couldn’t find a credit but used it anyway because of the licence on Flickr. If it’s your photo, shoot me an email and let me know if you would either like a credit or like me to take it down.


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2 06 2008
Spike Mole Rat

also http://www.myspace.com/nakedmoleratsband

Hi Jordan. I am Jim / Spike, married to PPK’er Asstrogirl. We also dig the french horn. I use it on samples quite a bit, and I have a new record coming out in a month or so with some Beatle-esque uses of the french horn in fact. Anyway, Asstro pitches in with some lyrics (last CD lyrics are posted on myspace. I am (for better or worse) the naked mole rats, with influences all over the map (from rancid to eels and weakerthans, traditional etc.). I post all naked mole rats records for free, go to resistancepunk.com for the D/L links. I do this for the love of music, not for money. I’ve made a lot of records and never made any money, so with that in mind we had the great idea to post everything for free! In the past 7 months AG & I did “underground stories” and “fighting words”. Thanks, tell your pals, go vegan, great reviews btw. Its nice to have a musician review records. Best, Spike

4 06 2008

hey Jordan, this is a pretty cool blog.

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